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How Does Shiatsu Massage Therapy Help In Relieving Neck and Back Pain?

Shiatsu Definition: Shiatsu is defined as a manipulative Japanese massage therapy or technique that involves the usage of acupressure and stretching principles. In the Japanese language shiatsu means “finger pressure”. And thus, in this therapy pressure is applied by hands on specific points or parts of the body for providing the relaxation. Shiatsu massage is […]

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7 Tips For How To Treat Degenerative Disc Disease In The Neck

If you are one among those who are suffering from degenerative disc disease (DDD), you already know how painful it is to live with back and neck pain. Fortunately there are many degenerative disc disease in neck treatment options available. These may include the combination of exercises, medication and herbal therapies. It is important to […]

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Suffering From Arthritis In Neck: Know About These Natural Remedies That Can Help

Arthritis is a medical condition which mainly affects the musculoskeletal system of the body, especially the joints. It is a major health condition which is the highest causative factor for disability in the humans mainly among the age groups beyond 50 years. Medically arthritis is a word which is derived from two words. One is […]

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