My Neck Pain: My Story and What Helped Me?

Neck pain is one of the most common health problem faced by people. Statistics tells us that nearly two-thirds of the global populace suffer from neck ache at some point in their lives. People suffer from neck pain all the time, but seldom do they get a proper treatment that would relieve them off it.

This ache often caused at different structures of the neck like the spinal vertebra, nerves and muscles. Some of the causes of this condition is hunching over at the desk in your workplace or while working with the laptop.

Neck Sprain
Neck Sprain

Many people wave off this problem without realizing the severe consequences they will have to face. People get stiff neck which is otherwise the difficulty in moving your neck, particularly to the sides as it is sore. But the one that needs medical attention is when your nerves are affected thereby causing numbness of arm or hands or even excruciating pain in your shoulders or arms.

People take the neck sprain for granted; hoping it will subside with time, but some of them can stand out being chronic.

So it will be good if you take notice of how often you get a neck pain and its severity. Its treatment could be as easy as pie. It may either involve the usage of equipments to ease the pain or fixing an appointment with your physical therapist.

Symptoms and Treatment Options

Some of the symptoms associated with the neck sprain are numbness, tenderness and tingling in the arms or hands. Sharp shooting pain will also be experienced in the shoulder or arms. This could also be vice-versa where the neck pain could arise due to numbness and tingling in the shoulder or arms which are a result of the pinched nerves on the neck. Other symptoms include soreness of neck as well as swollen glands. If these symptoms do not go away in a week’s time, then it is a wake-up call to attend to it seriously.

There are several treatment methods available depending on the severity of the neck pain you experience. These options include soft collar traction, traction, heat or cold applications, physical therapy, rest, analgesics, and topical pain relievers among others. Homemade remedies which include yoga neck exercises, neck pain relief stretches, sleep pillows.

Jacuzzi treatments and hot pads are great relief for mild forms of pain in the neck. Acupuncture is also a form of treatment in case of chronic pain in a neck. Previous treatment results and experience can also be a guiding factor to choose a treatment. The source of pain will decide the kind of medication like antidepressants and muscle relaxants.

My Side of The Story

I’m Neha and I work for a web development firm, where I’m needed to work for over 18 hours. It was due to consistent leaning in front of the computer screen that I began developing neck aches. But these were initially neglected as I hadn’t taken it seriously.

I had very little concern for my health, putting my job in the fore front as I love working for my clients. But after I incessantly began developing serious pains in my neck and eventually a sprain that I realized it cannot be ignored anymore. That was when I began the hunt for treatment methods that would provide me effective and permanent relief.

How I Got The Help?

The three awesome products that helped and changed my life

A friend of mine (physiotherapist by profession) recommended three very life-changing products that are available at the Amazon shopping portal. These products that mitigated my pain in the neck are ‘Cervical Neck Traction’,  ‘Real-Ease Neck and Shoulder Relaxer’ and ‘Tri-Core Cervical Pillow’. These products had a curative effect on me and helped me great in treating my neck pain effectually and successfully within few weeks.

The relevant and useful features of these products were a blessing that relieved me of the torturing pain I was suffering. Although the relief was not instant and it took about a month for me to see some difference, they were worth every penny I’d spent on them and I’m really happy about it. Let me tell you about these products in detail below:

1- Cervical Neck Traction

The Cervical Neck Traction immensely helps in neck muscle relaxation and is a great relief to people suffering from cervical vertebral.

It helps in improving the blood supply to the neck as well as brain. It mollifies the condition of people suffering from slenosis, protrusion of inter-vertebral disc, hypertension problems and cervical alterations.

It is made up of a soft material, the texture of which will make it comfortable for people and provide relaxation. Its convenience, safety, guaranteed effectiveness and relief are some of the advantages this product has to offer. It provides better circulation to neck and relives stress by lowering the pressure the discs.

2- Real-Ease Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

The Real-Ease Neck and Shoulder Relaxer is travel friendly equipment that provides an instant relief for people suffering from neck and shoulder aches.

This product was developed by Doctor Riter, and needs to be used only for 10-15 minutes every day to gain relief.

It releases the tension from the neck and shoulder muscles. It is a perfect cradle for your neck with a support that is cervical-shaped. This device helps in restoring the curve of your neck and one great way of using this is by relining on the floor. This equipment also helps in relaxing the jaw area.

3- Tri-Core Cervical Pillow

Tri-core cervical pillow is an awesome product for all those who wish to have proper un-interrupted sleeping pattern in the night, which is most of the times not possible for them due to pain in the neck region.

This is medically recommended by the professionals and is available in three sizes (for children, young teens and adults).

I opted for a young teen sized pillow as my head is bit small. This pillow provided me with great orthopedic benefits by supporting my neck and head perfectly while sleeping. Also it helped me a lot in restoring my cervical curve during the sleep, which was not made possible with any other pillow I had tried in the past.

All in all, I can only say that it helped me a lot and you should check it out if you are suffering from similar problem of neck or cervical pain.

Preventing a neck sprain is easy but it is always best if we could avoid it by all means.

We tend to procrastinate seeing the doctor or checking out about why we develop pain in the neck from time to time. But many of us realize its gravity when we suffer in pain. So, it is best we learn to nip it in the bud or else we will have the ways as suggested in this article. My story is also in similar lines so I guess it is easy for people to relate to what I have written here at my site.

What This Website is All About?

This site provides a detail insight on various problems related to neck pain/sprain. I am regularly trying here to cover more and more topics that can be useful for those who are suffering from neck problem and are seeking the help. If you are one among them who are suffering from some or the other kind of neck related problem or pain in your neck then you may get the help here.

From various therapies to home related remedies all are well explained in detail. You may also get more information on using various things (such as pillows, heating pads, braces, collars, etc.), that can help you relieve the problem in your neck. I have also discussed here about the importance of maintaining a healthy posture while you work for long hours which helps in back and neck pain.

Purpose of This Blog?

I sincerely hope that my articles on this site here will provide insight into the various treatment options and products available for shoulder and neck sprain. So please spare some time to read more here and get a relief for yourself to this serious problem, which may develop worse conditions if not cared at right time.

The sole purpose of this blog is to help people who are actually suffering from the neck related issues and are looking for getting the help online. The treatment and remedies included in this blog are in no way represented as an alternate to physician’s treatment as these are solely meant for informational purpose. You should get necessary diagnosis and discussion with your physician/ chiropractor before trying any of the remedies mentioned in this blog.

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