How Maintaining Proper Posture Helps in Improving Your Back and Neck Pain?

What is the meaning of posture? Posture is basically an attitude of the body part to maintain or to move according to a particular activity. Posture is defined as a particular position of the body while sitting, working, communicating, etc.

Bad Posture causes Problem

We all know that there are so many types of muscles in the human body. These are like skeletal muscles, striated muscles, non-striated muscles, cardiac muscles, anti-gravity muscles, etc.

For maintaining a good posture all these muscles have to work together in a proper way.

In case if any of these muscle groups gets into a problem (due to reasons like over usage or less usage) then the body’s posture will automatically get altered.

This in turn shows its impact both physically as well as mentally like concentration, general or localized body pain, reduction in the confidence level, poor personality rank, etc.

As discussed above body posture is a simple characteristic of a human body which makes a major impact on health and overall wellness. Posture is the pose and a way the person holds the body upright.

Whether it is standing, lying down or sitting, posture is an essential point for the things like the health of the joints, lung capacity and even the back muscle strength.

What Are The Different Types of Posture?

Most of the people lack perfect body posture which creates a bad impact on the body and muscles. Based on it, it is imperative to know about the types of body posture that help you lift your own posture. Lets check them out here…

Correct posture: The American Physical Therapy Association describes good standing position as an alignment of the shoulder, knee, ear, ankle and hip. While sitting, the head need to be erected and the back position needs to maintain the three normal spinal curves. While sleeping, the pillows and the mattress can be used to maintain spinal curves and support the head and neck. This maintains the level with the upper back.

Kyphosis: Also known as a hunchback, this is an unbalanced position which for sure can cause back pain and neck pain. The head is pushed further in front of your gravitational center and the upper back part is rounded, accentuating the thoracic curve. It is mentioned that this position may develop due to unhealthy positions, joint and bone degeneration.

Lordosis: This is a back posture which overstates the lumbar curve into a point which is often referred as swayback. Footing with locked knees adds this posture as unhealthy which lines up the head at the back of your center of gravity. This position causes back and neck and back pain.

Scoliotic: This position is an irregular oblique curve of the spine which results in inappropriate position of the shoulders, neck and spine. Its visible symptoms are uneven height at shoulder or a non-vertical position in the neck.

Other unusual postures: Rigid and unhealthy back postures related with head injuries are extreme and need fast medical treatment. Decorticate position is a position where the arms and the hands are coiled inward and the legs are apprehended straight outward. This position leaves the legs and arms extended and the toes keen downwards and the head pushed to the back.

Importance of Maintaining Correct Body Posture

The body’s correct posture plays a crucial role in maintaining the body and mind healthy. If there is any problem in the alignment of the body parts then automatically it will be reflected in the body and mind as fatigue, sudden tiredness, drowsiness, muscular and joint pains, back pain, neck pain, etc.

At the same time maintaining a good posture always boosts up the confidence level and helps in avoiding various symptoms of poor posture.

For example a shrugged and drooped shoulder always resembles a tired and inactive person whereas an erect and stiff neck and shoulders always symbolizes the active an energetic body and mind. Thus maintaining the proper posture is much important for an individual which  helps them in living healthier, happier and confident life.

Naturally the spine has two major curvatures, one is in the cervical region and the other is in the lumbar region. These curvatures should not get curved more or extended more and should be maintained always in the proper position.

Whatever type of work it may be (either household or office works, sitting or standing work, static or traveling type of work) the body’s posture and alignment should always be kept proper and comfortable.

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Tips for Maintaining Proper Posture during Long Sitting Jobs

Proper Posture for Neck and Back Pain
Sitting job

In case of continuous sitting jobs like computer profession, tailoring work, clerical jobs, etc. the spinal curvatures gets extra curved or bent.

This is because of the heavy work load and continuous pressure exerted on the spinal muscles while you are in the sitting state for long.

This mainly causes health problems such as chronic neck and back pain which becomes very difficult to relieve unless the body posture is aligned properly.

Back and neck brace for posture support are now available for help. Using these posture corrector is one of the best thing for people who suffer from various problems caused due to improper posture. You can use these braces not only for maintaining proper posture but also for relieving the tension and pains.

Tips for Maintaining Correct Posture during Standing Jobs

Standing job

People who are indulged into the jobs which involves long standing working hours, need to maintain proper posture while at work to maintain healthy lifestyles.

The spinal muscles gets weak gradually because of the heavy work load exerted on the back muscles in maintaining the erect posture (to stand continuously against the gravity).

Over a period of time, the person will start experiencing pain in their body which is hard to relieve unless proper postural modifications are not taken at the right time.

In case if you are really serious about maintaining a correct posture, you can definitely try posture corrector braces that comes exclusively for men and women.

Also you need to experiment out the things which can improve your working environment for better posture. For instance using standing desk and adjustable monitor stand can be much better for maintaining correct posture than a regular desk. These are most helpful and a must have for those who need to stand during their work.

Extra Tip: To avoid the problems caused due to poor posture you take break (of at least 5 minutes) in between every 30 to 40 minutes of the working schedule. This helps in relaxing the spinal muscles intermittently which in turn leads proper maintenance of the spinal curvatures and hence proper posture.

Tips for Maintaining Good Posture while Sleeping


Maintaining proper posture while sleeping is very important for anyone.

Especially people who are suffering from issues such as back or neck pain should take every proper step so as to maintain an ideal posture while they are relaxing or sleeping.

Supine position is one of the best sleeping position for people who are suffering from neck or back pain. You should try sleeping in this position if you are already suffering from the pain.

Posture pillow for neck pain are now available easily for people who suffers a lot during the night due to their improper postures which causes body pain. These pillows are mainly recommended for those who sleeps in side or prone positions.

With so many benefits of maintaining proper posture, why not try  to follow these simple measures and get better posture and painless working schedule. These can be surely helpful in improving your life.

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