How Good Posture While Working Benefits Your Overall Health? 10 Best Tips for Getting Better Posture

For any kind of work or activity, a proper stimulus, coordination and strength is needed. Without this, nothing will function properly, let it be giving a speech or lifting a heavy object. For humans this strength or coordination can be obtained by maintaining a good working posture without which the physical body cannot be made mechanically healthy.

We all believe that hard work is like a worship! And today the entire world is busy running after performing various sorts of work to earn the living. In the event most of us forget about maintaining a good working posture which definitely takes a toll on our health.

On one hand where maintaining a good working posture can help our body to be more productive, active and fast; on the other hand not maintaining it can really prove harmful for our body which slowly makes us ill by causing problems such as RSI, neck sprain, lower back pain, arthritis, etc.

Good Posture While Working

Benefits Of Maintaining A Good Working Posture

A good working posture helps in completing any type of difficult work very easily and correctly without any trouble.

For example, if your pen fells down on the floor and you want to pick it up, imagine how would you do it? Most of the people use to bend from their lower back to pick up the pen. Among them many will get a heavy catch on their back which lasts for few days or even weeks to months.

The main reason for this problem is improper posture. Now think a bit about how you can correct it!

Instead of bending from the low back to pick up the pen, if you bend at your knees by keeping the spine erect, sit down and pick the pen up; you can easily avoid the problem.

Thus maintaining a good posture is highly effective and recommended even for doing the simplest kind of work in our day to day living.

10 Best Tips to Get Better Posture While Working

To lead a happy and healthy life you can try to follow some simple postural alignment methodologies like regular stretching, exercises, aerobics, yoga practices, brisk walking, desktop exercise, in-office stretching, etc.

Practicing these things regularly not only will help you to rectify the posture but also in preventing many unwanted physical and mental troubles.

Prevention is better than cure and so try to make an effort to prevent the postural disturbance by adopting good working posture all day long. Here are the 10 tips for you that will help you get started…

1- Do stretches in between: While working it is important that you take a small breaks for doing simple stretches and movements. Leave your office chair for few minutes and try stretching towards the sky for a while.

2- Exercise your neck and shoulders: While some simple stretches are enough for you, you can also add some easy neck and shoulder exercises for a minute or two when you take a small break from your work. These exercises may involve rowing, push ups, etc. that include exercising for your shoulder blades.

3- Breathe slowly: Breathing freely for few minutes can do wonders for your body and mind. Just forget about your work for a minute and start deep breathing through your nose to fill up you belly. Then slowly breathe out and repeat this for 5-7 times. You can do this even when you are sitting on your office table.

4- Use standing desk: I understand that you feel most comfortable while sitting and working on your ergonomic chair and office table. But if you are really concerned about your health and posture improvement, you can add an additional standing desk in your office which require you to stand erect while working. Taking a break from your chair and spending few minutes here can prove healthy for you.

5- Learn to stand on your entire feet: Many of us put our most of the body weight on the heels while standing. This increases the chance of getting body aches like pain in lower back, knees, hips, ankles, etc. So it is better for your health to stand with your weight distributed on your entire feet rather than just on your heels. With some practice you can easily do this.

6- Correct your working station: It has been seen that using an ergonomically sound working station or computer desk helps in maintaining your posture better. Being knowledgeable about it and implementing the principles of ergonomics while setting up your working station is therefore quite essential.

7- Use posture corrector and tools for help: Various posture corrector and tools are now available in the market to make your body used to better posture. You can use them daily while working to maintain normal curves of your body no matter whether you are sitting or standing. Props such as lumbar support pillows, posture corrective brace for men and women, posture corrective bra for women, posture enhancing shirts and many more can really help to train your upper back and core muscles. These are worth trying to be a posture fit person.

8- Get aware and remind yourself: Getting aware of the better posture health and reminding yourself about the same every hour can help you maintain better posture automatically. You can set a timer in your smartphone for every 60 minutes to get reminded. Or just paste some awesome pictures that help you to learn about maintaining better posture can help.

9- Take your shoes off for few minutes: Have you thought of spending few minutes in your office room without your shoes? Well, this can be an awesome feel for you and can help alarm your nerve receptors in your feet. Walking bare feet for few minutes can build a better coordination between your nervous system, brain, and muscles which eventually helps in improving your posture.

10- Talk to your physical therapist: If at all required, you should not hesitate to talk to your doctor or therapist for becoming better aware of your posture improvement needs. You should try visiting a chiropractor who is specialized in body posture health. They can effectively help you to relieve your chronic posture issues thereby helping you in changing your life completely.

What Are The Negative Effects of Wrong Posture While Working?

Every one of us are aware that the spine is the backbone of our physical body and any injuries to it may be a lifetime trouble for us. It may lead to reduced disc space, disc bulges and finally to the nerve compression. If the posture is not maintained properly then it may affect the particular region in the body severely, leading to the strained and painful body.

You might not be aware that because of improper posture while at work, you may badly harm your spine. Getting a simple ankle sprain or a muscular spasm in the wrist due to poor posture maintenance can hamper the daily activity tremendously.

Assume if you are a computer professional or a bus conductor, then the main joints needed for your daily work will be wrist joints and ankle joints. Working in a bad posture can cause many complications in your body which will in turn disturb your overall health both physically and mentally. This should be completely avoided if you want to lead a better pain free life.

Below is a short video which will help you in knowing about how you can maintain good posture while working on the computer. These computer ergonomics tips are worth checking out if you do not want to strain your body while working.

How to maintain good posture while working on the computer? (video)

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