How Contour Pillow Help in Neck and Back Pain? (10 Best Pillows To Choose From)

To sleep with the neck problem is the most frustrating. The pain killers and ointments are no help! All you need is a good neck support pillow that is specifically designed for muscular problems as well as to cure headaches and stiff shoulders.

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Certain people do not get proper sleep in the absence of proper pillows. Many others also feel uncomfortable while getting deep or healthy sleep upon changing their old pillow.

It is therefore true that a good relaxing pillow holds much important part in the human’s life. A good pillow is such a thing that we cannot do without. Day in day out, it is an everyday essential thing.

Among the various types of pillows available presently in the market, the contour pillow is one most popular model which gives better stability to the spine while relaxing and sleeping.

What Is A Contour Pillow?

A contour pillow, as the name suggests, is a particular type of curved model orthopedic pillow which is mainly designed to contour the spinal curvatures so that the cervical and lumbar region is kept in a neutral position ergonomically.

Contour pillow, also called as cervical pillow, are made up of soft (yet highly supportive density) material that is most comfortable for maintaining good body posture.

These are generally made firmer (by using materials of high density such as memory foam) than as compared to the standard pillow and are designed in a special manner for providing the best support to the target body part (such as head, neck or legs).

The best thing about these pillows is it conforms to your body part when the heat from your body is absorbed by the material, as soon as you lie on it. You may feel the pillow uncomfortable for first few minutes but within five to ten minutes you will feel it best for your neck and head.

According to the usage, discomfort you experience, type of sleeper you are, as well as the age of the person (who is going to use it) there are two types of contour pillows available in the market.

Low profile contour pillow: These are recommended for the smaller framed persons who regularly use to sleep in the lateral position or in the supine lying position. It helps to fix the cervical as well as lumbar spine easily thereby prevents the extra strain on the spinal curvatures.

High profile contour pillow: These are recommended mainly for the medium and large framed persons who mainly use to sleep on their sides. Here the head will be in the contour and the neck will be stabilized on the raised roll which provides good support and thus gives an ideal posture while sleeping.

Thus depending upon the usage, medical condition, sleeping habit and affordability you can go for the best and most suitable curved contour pillow for you and your family.

How to Use a Contour Pillow? (Helpful Video)

It has been seen that people who go for purchasing a contour pillow online, just buy out any of the best one available in the market and later find that it is not a great fit for them. It is therefore important that while choosing the best contour pillows you should essentially check out your sleeping habits and patterns.

Also you need to check out the best ways for how to sleep or lay down with a contoured pillow (before buying one) so that you can get the most out of it.

The flat side of your pillow should be placed downwards on the bed, while placing the larger of the two curves towards your foot side. This is an ideal orientation of placing or using your contoured pillow which will provide maximum support to the head and neck region, no matter whether you are a side sleeper or back sleeper.

While laying down on the bed make sure that your head finds it place comfortably between the curves of the pillow. The pillow when absorb the heat from your neck and head automatically contours to provide you the maximum comfort.

However when you change your position it may take few minutes to get the foam adjusted again. Also it should be noted that as soon as you leave your pillow in the morning the foam material gets cool down and become stiffer again.

Also check the below video that can help…

Contour Pillow for Neck and Back Pain: How It Benefits?

If you are spending most of your night time fighting with your pillow trying to find the perfect position for your neck and head while sleeping, then all you need is a best contoured pillow.

Contour pillows are most of the time designed for providing best support to neck and head region while lying down or relaxing. These pillows provides a contoured area for the head to rest and thus proves much comfortable than a standard pillow.

By the help of contour neck pillows the cervical spine as well as the lumbar spine will be gripped in perfect position so that it cannot be moved unnaturally. This supports your head and neck avoiding it to get extended upward or bent downward without any need.

Due to the great benefits offered, the contour neck pillows are highly recommended by the orthopedics to their patients with the neck and back pain problems. As per the consumer reviews it has been seen that patients feels much more comfortable using these best contour pillows while sleeping.

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Are Contour Pillows Good for Side Sleepers?

Generally buying out any of the contour pillow is not a good idea for side sleepers. As there is special range of contour pillows available in the market for people who are side sleepers, you should carefully choose the right pillow for you so that you can enjoy a sound sleep every night without any problem.

Although contour pillows works very well for back sleepers all of them may not prove to be comfortable for side sleepers. Therefore while buying a best contour pillow for side sleepers, just research a bit and find the right pillow that is best suited for you!

A contour leg pillow is rather more helpful for those who prefer sleeping on their side. These provides extra support at the knees and lower body by aligning the back in a better way.

Are Contoured Pillows Good for Tummy Sleepers?

Studies show that sleeping on your stomach is not a good idea as it can cause stiffness to your neck and shoulders. You can also experience symptoms such as upper back pain, ear pain and jaw pain when you sleep in this position.

These types of pillows are not recommended for those who usually sleep on their stomach. As it can end up putting your head and neck at an unusual angle while sleeping all it can do is increase your neck and head pain.

However in some cases, using contoured pillow helped the users by preventing them to sleep on their tummy, due to the discomfort they feel in their neck and head region.

10 Best Contour Pillow for Neck and Back Pain Reviews

Studies reveal that if you match up the right density, to the right shape while choosing the pillow to suit your desired sleeping position (no matter back or side), you will automatically find yourself healed as it encourages the natural spine alignment all through the night.

Your pillow, if chosen wisely, can actually help you wake up refreshed with whole lot of energy and enthusiasm for the hectic day ahead. Here are 5 best contour pillows for neck pain that can help you out. Check the detailed reviews before making your final buying decision.

1- PharMeDoc Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

This cooling memory foam contour pillow by PharMeDoc helps you take a good night sleep without the need to worry about neck pain or positioning of your pillow. This contour pillow is designed so as to boost and relax your muscles thereby increasing your sleep cycle.

The designed curve in this PharMeDoc contour pillow is designed to provide you with a proper body alignment and this shape helps in upholding your neck. This will also help in distributing your weight evenly and also relieve pressure from your body thereby increasing supply of oxygen into your body.

This contour pillow eliminates the burden from your body helping you to relax and increase your sleep cycle. This foam contour pillow is also customizable wherein you can align the height of your pillow thereby ensuring perfect posture support.

This cooling memory foam contour pillow is firm, soft and adjusts to your body temperature without any difficulty.

2- Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow

This sleep innovations contour microfiber warranty pillow lets you take a good sleep and wake up every morning feeling refreshed. With this contour pillow you are never sleep deprived and lets you reduce your daily stress and tiredness.

Even if you turn your sides while sleeping you need not worry as this contour fiber pillow will provide you with therapeutic support all through the night. This contour pillow comes with a simple curve design that will hold your neck and provide complete support for your body.

The foam used inside this Sleep Innovations contour pillow is soft and dense and offers warranty for more than 5 years on the pillow. You can get in touch with the manufacturer help desk to avail details on warranty and any kind of replacement option.

This sleep innovations microfiber contour pillow lets you get into deep sleep by providing gentle support to your neck and induce better sleep.

3- Z Memory Foam Contour Pillow with Luxurious Washable Cover

This Z memory foam contour pillow with washable cover is soft and dense built that will help you eases your tension in neck and your body. This curvy designed contour pillow helps in relieving neck ache, back and pain in your shoulder reducing stress.

This way you can enjoy better and increased sleep cycle with this contour pillow hugging your pressure points on neck and shoulders. This curvy design in memory foam contour pillow helps in relaxing your shoulder and support neck thereby resting your whole body.

An important part of this contour pillow is that it is resistant to dust mites and does not cause any kind of allergies to user.

This Z memory foam contour pillow comes with a pillow cover that is removable and put for laundering whenever you need. The gel used inside this contour pillow helps in cooling down your body and adapting to your body temperature.

4- AERIS Queen Plush Memory Foam Contour Pillow

This high quality AERIS queen plush memory foam contour pillow lets you get into peaceful and restful sleep by helping you relax complete stress from your body. It is placed within an internal cover and can be removed as and when you require.

This memory foam contour pillow by AERIS can be washed in machine which is an added advantage. The ventilation holes in this contour pillow don’t let the pillow get warm after each use. The ventilation holes helps in airflow inducing better sleep cycle.

These queen plush foam contour pillow are aerated for more than 7 days making the foam used inside contour pillow to soften while giving density to pillow. This contour pillow comes with a life time warranty and replacement option for you from manufacturer.

For back and side sleepers this queen plush memory foam contour pillow can be of great help as it helps in reducing your neck and body pain.

5- Cooling Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow with Therapeutic Support

This cooling gel memory foam contour pillow with therapeutic support is designed with built in cooling technology letting the pillow stay cool always. It is soft and comfortable made with high density foam and provide comfortable support for your neck and whole body.

This therapeutic support contour pillow has a perfect shape to align your neck while you are sleeping thereby relaxing your body increasing your sleep cycle.

This contour pillow is filled with a cooling gel that lets your neck and body cool down completely and thereby inducing sleep.

The foam used in making this pillow is soft and dense with a curve design helping to rest your neck comfortably while you take your nap.

This cooling memory foam contour pillow is available with manufacturer warranty for users on request. It can be availed by getting in touch with manufacturer customer help desk who can help you with your queries.

6- Cr Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow for Neck Pain with Gel-infused Technology

This Cr Sleep Memory foam contour pillow is an ideal and easy solution for your neck and body ache trouble. It is a patent design and lets you relax your body completely while going to sleep.

It has an outer cover that is removable and put to wash whenever required. The inner fabric used is jersey with ventilation fabric that allows you for easy fabric breathing. The contour foam is gel infused that can help you relax your neck and shoulder muscles effectively.

This Cr memory foam contour pillow is curve designed that can help side and back sleepers alike. It is an ideal design for people suffering from chronic disorders and body pain.

This contour pillow is antimicrobial and resistant to dust, sweat and other bacterial infection. Also, the odor control measure lets this pillow cool down after each use thereby reducing risk of bad smell and other allergens.

7- Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow with 100% Cotton Cover

This contour pillow is flexible and curvy designed to suit people with neck and shoulder trouble. This sleep innovation contour memory foam pillow promotes proper spinal alignment relaxing your body completely.

This curvy designed contour pillow by Sleep Innovations retains its shape throughout the night and thereby helping you sleep comfortably. This contour pillow also has an outer cover that can be removed for washing purposes.

The gel technology used inside this memory contour pillow cools down this pillow all through the night while also adjusting to your body temperature. It is made with specialized odor control feature letting sweat not stay in pillow.

In case of any such trouble related to odor then it normally goes away in 72 hours’ time. But if you still feel trouble, then you can also buy the odor spray control that comes along with the contour pillow.

This contour memory gel based pillow also comes with a lifetime warranty

8- Comfylife Hypoallergenic Bamboo Memory Foam Contour Pillow

This hypo allergic bamboo memory foam contour pillow is anti-allergic to dust and does not allow any kind of moth to develop inside. This way you can ensure that you are using pillow that is safe and healthy.

This contour pillow ensures better sleep while relaxing your neck and shoulder muscles completely. While it works great for your spine, it helps in correcting the alignment and improves posture support.

This Comfylife hypoallergenic contour pillow is filled with gel inside letting your body cool down while also serving you with relaxed and proper sleep all through the night. It is also anti allergic such that you need not worry about any moth or dust getting stuck to contour pillow.

The outer cover is ecofriendly that is bamboo made and can be cleaned and used as and when you require them. This way you can keep your curved contour pillow clean and hygienic always.

9- Cr Sleep Ventilated Memory Foam Contour Pillow with AirCell Technology

This removable and ventilated contour technology based pillow is designed with a curve shape to help you rest your neck completely while resting. The curve design lets you rest without disturbing your posture all through the night even while you move sideways.

This Cr sleep ventilated memory foam contour pillow with air cell technology helps in proper ventilation and does not arrest air inside. The continuous movement of air inside the pillow lets to stay odor free and does not trap any kind of moisture inside.

It is safe and a healthy option for people suffering from neck and spine troubles. The curvy design helps in providing complete support to your neck thereby aligning your body completely.

This contour gel based pillow helps in cooling down your body temperature completely. Investing on a contour pillow is a health benefit you can gift yourself. The outer cover is removable and you can wash it to stay clean and hygienic always.

10- Classic Brands Cool Sleep Advanced Contour Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

This classic brand cool sleep advanced contour cool gel memory foam pillow is made of 100% cool pass fiber that is easy soft and provide dense support to your neck and whole body.

The curvy designed contour pillow helps to rest your neck completely thereby providing stiff support to your body while also aligning proper spine and body posture.

This contour pillow for neck and back pain is perfectly designed to support your neck, body, shoulders and spine while giving comfort for side and back sleepers.

The surface of the pillow is kept cooler always with the cooler fabric used to knit the pillow. You can avail lifetime warranty on this contour pillow by getting in touch with manufacturer help desk that will assist you with your queries.

This classic contour pillow is designed in standard color and provides you with easy cleaning option by removing the outer cover. The cooling gel helps in reducing your body temperature and cool down your body completely.

Choosing The Best Pillow for Neck Pain: 5 Essential Tips

It has been seen that people while buying a good pillow for them choose the most expensive option that is available in the market, thinking that it will be a perfect one for their neck, shoulders and back. However the truth is something different!

A most expensive pillow in the market is not necessarily the best one for your body. It is important to remember that, what is best for someone else is not necessarily best fit for you.

Thus, while deciding to buy the pillow for your neck it is important that you look into some of the important factors that can help you buy the best fit for you.

1- Check The Size, Shape and Material: Few years before pillows are available in standard size and shape only. These also comes only with natural coconut fiber or cotton material. But presently various different types of pillows are available in multiple shapes, designs, colors and variety of sizes.

Contoured pillow for neck and shoulder pain also comes in variety of materials such as: visco elastic foam (memory foam), natural latex rubber, polyfill, sponge, artificial fiber, etc. And the price of these curved pillows vary according to material you need to have. You can get them ranging between ten dollars to hundreds of dollars. The fact being, the better you pay the better you get!

2- Care for Hygiene: While buying a pillow for getting best neck support it is also important to check whether the pillow comes with a removable and washable cover or not. Actually it does not directly helps you in providing the neck support; but opting for this feature will ensure that your pillow will last longer than usual. And at the same time it is also good for hygiene.

Additionally, a quality pillowcase also ensures that you are provided with the best comfort you are seeking. A pillowcase with a nice smooth-feeling is all that we want and it adds to the comfort factor for many of us.

3- Consult Your Doctor for Advice – If Required: If you are already suffering from various sleep disorders and are confused about finding the right body pillow, the best person to ask is your doctor. He/she will be able to recommend you the best neck or body pillow (as per your need) that provides you with good comfort during your sleeping hours.

Alternatively you can take the help of various web resources to compare between the wide range of pillows available to cure the stiffness and soreness of your shoulders and neck region.

Keep in mind, it may take a while for your body to adjust to the new pillow you buy. But as it will be for your own good health, it is important for you to make your wise decision. DO NOT just opt for an expensive most pillow, but choose the one that is right suited for your body and needs.

4- Check The Price: Some individuals choose cheap priced pillows with a cheap quality. While certain other individuals always insist on choosing the highest quality pillows which also cost high. Although low price does not necessarily means that the quality is low, it is good to know that cheaper versions may collapse within few weeks of usage and can cause great damage to your spine in long run.

Generally the usage of high quality contour pillow for neck pain is recommended by doctors that hold good quality materials. As it provides the great support and comfort to the spine, neck, shoulders and back region, these help in preventing all types of spinal problems.

5- Check The Brands Available: According to the contour neck pillow reviews the best contour pillows for neck pain and side sleepers includes that manufactured by brands like Sleep Innovations, PharMeDoc, SleepBetter, ViscoSoft, Therapedic® , etc.

These are most popular on the online market and are best selling among all. You can check the detailed review and consumer ratings on these items before making your final buying decision.

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How Often You Should Change Your Pillow?

There are people who always have the habit to change their pillows very often. When speaking medically, the habit of changing the pillows on and off is strictly a wrong habit. This is one of the major reasons for the occurrence of back and neck pain.

Usually a good quality pillow lasts for 2-3 years and should not be changed very often unless needed. Even doctors recommended to change the pillow after 1 or 2 years when it is damaged or torn.

As a special note for new buyers, these types of pillows may take few days to getting used to. Thus if you are planning to buy contour pillows for the first time, you should use them for several nights before you can actually experience the noticeable benefits.

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