How Contour Pillow Help in Neck and Back Pain?

Certain people won’t get proper sleep in the absence of proper pillows and certain others does not get deep sleep or healthy sleep if their pillow has got changed. It is therefore true that a good relaxing pillow holds much important part in the human’s life.

Among the various types of pillows available presently in the market, the contour pillow is one most popular model which gives better stability to the spine while relaxing and sleeping.

What Is A Contour Pillow?

A contour pillow, as the name suggests, is a particular type of curved model pillow which is mainly designed to contour the spinal curvatures so that the cervical and lumbar region will be kept in a neutral position ergonomically.

These pillows are made up of soft (yet highly supportive density) material that is most comfortable for maintaining good body posture.

These are generally made firmer (by using materials of high density such as memory foam) than as compared to the standard pillow and are designed in a special manner for providing the best support to the target body part (such as head, neck or legs).

The best thing about these pillows is it conforms to your body part when the heat from your body is absorbed by the material, as soon as you lie on it. You may feel the pillow uncomfortable for first few minutes but within five to ten minutes you will feel it best for your neck and head.

According to the usage, discomfort you experience, type of sleeper you are, as well as the age of the person (who is going to use it) there are two types of contour pillows available in the market.

Low profile contour pillow: These are recommended for the smaller framed persons who regularly use to sleep in the lateral position or in the supine lying position. It helps to fix the cervical as well as lumbar spine easily thereby prevents the extra strain on the spinal curvatures.

High profile contour pillow: These are recommended mainly for the medium and large framed persons who mainly use to sleep on their sides. Here the head will be in the contour and the neck will be stabilized on the raised roll which provides good support and thus gives an ideal posture while sleeping.

Thus depending upon the usage, medical condition, sleeping habit and affordability you can go for the best and most suitable curved contour pillow for you and your family.

How to Use a Contour Pillow? (Helpful Video)

It has been seen that people who go for purchasing a contour pillow online, just buy out any of the best one available in the market and later find that it is not a great fit for them. It is therefore important that while choosing the best contour pillows you should essentially check out your sleeping habits and patterns.

Also you need to check out the best ways for how to sleep or lay down with a contoured pillow (before buying one) so that you can get the most out of it.

The flat side of your pillow should be placed downwards on the bed, while placing the larger of the two curves towards your foot side. This is an ideal orientation of placing or using your contoured pillow which will provide maximum support to the head and neck region, no matter whether you are a side sleeper or back sleeper.

While laying down on the bed make sure that your head finds it place comfortably between the curves of the pillow. The pillow when absorb the heat from your neck and head automatically contours to provide you the maximum comfort. However when you change your position it may take few minutes to get the foam adjusted again. Also it should be noted that as soon as you leave your pillow in the morning the foam material gets cool down and become stiffer again.

Also check the below video that can help…

Contour Pillow for Neck and Back Pain: How It Benefits?

If you are spending most of your night time fighting with your pillow trying to find the perfect position for your neck and head while sleeping, then all you need is a best contoured pillow.

Contour pillows are most of the time designed for providing best support to neck and head region while lying down or relaxing. These pillows provides a contoured area for the head to rest and thus proves much comfortable than a standard pillow.

By the help of contour neck pillows the cervical spine as well as the lumbar spine will be gripped in perfect position so that it cannot be moved unnaturally. This supports your head and neck avoiding it to get extended upward or bent downward without any need.

Due to the great benefits offered, the contour neck pillows are highly recommended by the orthopedics to their patients with the neck and back pain problems. As per the consumer reviews it has been seen that patients feels much more comfortable using these best contour pillows while sleeping.

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Are Contour Pillows Good for Side Sleepers?

Generally buying out any of the contour pillow is not a good idea for side sleepers. As there is special range of contour pillows available in the market for people who are side sleepers, you should carefully choose the right pillow for you so that you can enjoy a sound sleep every night without any problem.

Although contour pillows works very well for back sleepers all of them may not prove to be comfortable for side sleepers. Therefore while buying a best contour pillow for side sleepers, just research a bit and find the right pillow that is best suited for you!

A contour leg pillow is rather more helpful for those who prefer sleeping on their side. These provides extra support at the knees and lower body by aligning the back in a better way.

Are Contoured Pillows Good for Tummy Sleepers?

Studies show that sleeping on your stomach is not a good idea as it can cause stiffness to your neck and shoulders. You can also experience symptoms such as upper back pain, ear pain and jaw pain when you sleep in this position.

These types of pillows are not recommended for those who usually sleep on their stomach. As it can end up putting your head and neck at an unusual angle while sleeping all it can do is increase your neck and head pain.

However in some cases, using contoured pillow helped the users by preventing them to sleep on their tummy, due to the discomfort they feel in their neck and head region.

Choosing The Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Studies reveal that if you match up the right density, to the right shape while choosing the pillow to suit your desired sleeping position (no matter back or side), you will automatically find yourself healed as it encourages the natural spine alignment all through the night.

Your pillow can actually help you wake up refreshed with whole lot of energy and enthusiasm for the hectic day ahead.

Varieties Available

Few years before pillows are available in standard size and shape only. These also comes only with natural coconut fiber or cotton material. But presently the pillows are available in multiple shapes, designs, colors and variety of sizes with various materials like foam, sponge, artificial fiber, etc.

Contoured pillow for neck and shoulder pain comes in variety such as: visco elastic foam (memory foam), natural latex rubber, polyfill, etc. The price of these curved pillows vary according to material. You can get them ranging between ten dollars to hundreds of dollars. The fact being, the better you pay the better you get!

Some individuals choose cheap priced pillows with a cheap quality. While certain other individuals always insist on choosing the highest quality pillows which also cost high. However it is good to know that cheaper versions may collapse within few weeks of usage and can cause great damage to your spine in long run.

Generally the usage of high quality contour pillow for neck pain is recommended by doctors that hold good quality materials. As it provides the great support and comfort to the spine, neck, shoulders and back region, these help in preventing all types of spinal problems.

Brands Available

According to the contour neck pillow reviews the best contour pillows for neck pain and side sleepers includes that manufactured by brands like Sleep Innovations, PharMeDoc, SleepBetter, ViscoSoft, Therapedic® , etc.

These are most popular on the online market and are best selling among all. You can check the detailed review and consumer ratings on these items before making your final buying decision.

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How Often You Should Change Your Pillow?

There are people who always have the habit to change their pillows very often. When speaking medically, the habit of changing the pillows on and off is strictly a wrong habit. This is one of the major reasons for the occurrence of back and neck pain.

Usually a good quality pillow lasts for 2-3 years and should not be changed very often unless needed. Even doctors recommended to change the pillow after 1 or 2 years when it is damaged or torn.

As a special note for new buyers, these types of pillows may take few days to getting used to. Thus if you are planning to buy contour pillows for the first time, you should use them for several nights before you can actually experience the noticeable benefits.

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