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How Does Shiatsu Massage Therapy Help In Relieving Neck and Back Pain?

Shiatsu Definition: Shiatsu is defined as a manipulative Japanese massage therapy or technique that involves the usage of acupressure and stretching principles. In the Japanese language shiatsu means “finger pressure”. And thus, in this therapy pressure is applied by hands on specific points or parts of the body for providing the relaxation. Shiatsu massage is […]

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What Is Interferential Therapy and How It Helps Neck Pain?

Physiotherapy plays major role in pain management as well as in rehabilitation conditions. Some of the major health problems where physiotherapy provides good relief are sciatica, intervertebral disc problems, paralysis, stroke, cerebral palsy, facial palsy, bell’s palsy, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, post traumatic rehabilitation, post surgical rehabilitation, etc. Physiotherapy treatment has two major divisions, one […]

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