10 Best Mattress for Neck Shoulders and Back Pain Relief

Sleep is the most important part of your life-routine that helps you in rejuvenating you well. It relaxes your body completely after a hectic long day and prepares you for the next day’s work. Studies have proved that people who get deep uninterrupted sleep are more productive than people who lack good sleep.

No doubt, your mattress and pillows play a major role in facilitating a good sleep. Not only good sleep but also prevention from health-issues is assured by the usage of a good mattress.

Mattress is not just something to lie upon. In fact it plays an important role in increasing your comfort and also to support your overall health. It not only helps you in relaxing your body completely overnight but also helps in keeping you away from all sort of body pains arising due to neck, shoulder, back and hip, sciatica problems.

Choosing right type of mattress is therefore much important, especially for those who lacks good sleep. In this detailed guide we will try to help you in identifying the right mattress type that is best suited for your body needs. Just go through it before you choose one…

Types Of Mattresses

Types of mattresses may generally be classified based on its type of material, its dimensions, thickness, etc. The various kinds of mattresses that are available on the market can be classified as:

Memory-Foam Mattress: These mattresses are made of viscoelastic material. It is a soft foam material which becomes even softer by absorbing energy. This type of foam contours well to your body while sleeping, making it a good option for providing you a comfortable sleep all night.

Specialty Foam Mattress: This type of foam mattress uses one of more types of foams for providing you the maximum body support. The foam used may be memory, latex, polyurethane or gel type. This type of foam mattress can be built in different shapes and densities so as to satisfy consumer demand.

Innerspring Mattress: This type has innersprings made up of steel coils as the support system. Various types of spring systems can be used in manufacturing one mattress which may range from single unit to multiple units which are individually placed one over other. The design, shape, coil gauge and numbers of springs may vary which are covered by padding made up of fabric, foam, fiber, etc. These types if mattresses are highly in demand when compared to the foam and coir mattresses.

Hybrid Mattress: It is a combination of the spring mattress system and a foam mattress system. The foam used may include one or a combination of memory (viscoelastic), latex, gel, polyurethane, etc.

Latex Mattress: It is made using natural rubber (latex) which is derived from plant or petroleum based materials. Most of these mattress materials are mildew, dust mite and mold resistant. It helps to relieve pressure point discomfort while providing you a good sleep all night.

Pillow-top Mattress: As indicated by name itself, this mattress type just include an additional upholstery layer of foam (or other material) on top. This layer is sewn to the mattress itself which resembles and work like a pillow placed. The advantage of using this type of mattress is you do not require investing in a pillow. However the bad part being you cannot replace your pillow if you do not feel it comfortable.

Gel Mattress: This type of mattress uses gel which is filled inside the support system and layers. Different technological methods are applied for adding this gel layer to the foam (or other material). Gel type of foam offers additional layer of comfort and feel due to its heat dissipation feature. You should buy this type of mattress after a careful analysis and trial, especially if you have not tried it before.

Besides all the above common types, there are many other types of mattresses available which comes with different names and features. These may include: Airbed mattress, Waterbed mattress, Orthopedic mattress, Plus mattress, Open Coil mattress, Sleep Number Beds, Adjustable Bed mattress, etc.

We highly recommend investing some time, to learn about the features and type of mattress you are choosing, before you make your final purchase.

Can Sleeping On Bad Mattress Cause Back And Neck Pain?

According to a survey done, more than 90% of orthopedic surgeons believes that mattress plays a major role in body pain management.

They also believed that sleeping on a bad old mattress can definitely make you experience pain all through your body, when you get up early morning. Not only it leaves your body painful but also can seriously affect your sleeping hours making you restless all through the night time. All this may affect your work routine much on regular basis.

Studies further reveals that continuous usage of wrong type of mattress may also lead to worsening of prevailing health conditions. In case you are suffering from problems such as arthritis, sciatica, cervical pain, herniated or bulging disc, pinched nerve, etc, lying down on an uncomfortable mattress can make the problems even more serious.

Buying the right kind of mattress, for managing your pain, is therefore an important decision you will be taking for yourself and your family members. Make sure that you replace and buy new one EARLY, so that it does not affect your health and sleep much.

Best Mattress Type For Back, Neck And Shoulder Pain

The best mattress for your body is the only one which aligns to your particular body needs while providing your body the much needed support when you are lying down on the bed.

Orthopedic mattress is one of the greatest choice for people who have health issues like neck and chronic back pain. In short you should choose the mattress which offers you BEST:

Spinal alignment: Spine is considered as the most important part of our body that helps us in standing erect and in balancing our body well. Spinal area along with your natural curves should be therefore aligned perfectly when you are sleeping on your bed. Ensure that you choose the right mattress which perfectly aligns to your spine so that you can get undisturbed sleep at night.

Back support: Achieving the balance between your back support and overall comfort is also one of the most needed thing which your mattress should offer. While providing the ideal back support your mattress can easily avoid the muscle soreness and pain which you may feel in the morning. And while providing the best comfort it helps you give complete rest and relaxation your body needs.

Pressure point relief: There are various pressure points found in your body which are highly sensitive to pressure. Buy mattresses that helps these pressure points feel relieved. This in turn ensures that your body gets the needed support & you get a good night sleep while avoiding all the pains.

Overall, the best mattress for your upper and lower back pain will be the one, on which you can lie without feeling any discomfort or pressure. It should provide you just an experience like you are floating in air!

Soft Or Firm Mattress: Which Is Good For Bad Pain?

Mattress firmness plays a major role when you are trying to figure out the best option. Choosing too hard or a too soft mattress can be the worst mistake you do. These does not provide any good but can only worsen your conditions by exerting additional pressure to your back and spine.

According to most of the orthopedic doctors and surgeons, maximum support to your spine (including lower and upper back) can only be provided by medium-firm mattress. Doctors also claimed that most of their patients suffering from chronic back pain, reported the improvement when they slept on mattresses with medium-firmness instead of soft or firm mattress.

According to their studies and various researches done, it is indicated that medium-firm mattress is highly beneficial in providing better support and balance to the body as it conforms best to your various body parts.

Doctors therefore recommend using medium firm mattress, especially for patients suffering from bad backache. This is also most suitable option for people suffering from any kind of disability.

10 Best Mattress for Back and Neck Pain

Reviews coming soon….Meanwhile you can check the best mattresses at Amazon

When Is The Right Time To Buy New Mattress?

Studies show that right kind of mattresses once chosen, can last for at least 8-10 years. This means, people when buy a good mattress (after a bit of research) for themselves, often need to replace them only after 8-10 years.

If you think that your sleep (and your body) is affecting seriously due to the mattress you lie on, it’s the time to think of replacing it with a new one. According to a recent survey, if you wake up in the morning with a mild neck or back pain which gets away with some regular stretch (within 20-30 minutes); the your mattress is perfectly fine for your body.

But if you experience the body pain, fatigue and stress all through the day, your old sagging mattress or pillows may be the reason for it. You should definitely try to figure it out as soon as possible.

7 Tips For Buying Best Mattress Your Body Need

You do not buy mattresses frequently. Such big purchases occur only a few times in your life. Hence take your own time to know about the kind of mattress that fulfills all your needs, before you invest your money into it.

Some of the major points to be kept in mind while choosing the right kind of mattress are:

1- Do not hurry: First of all calm down and tell yourself that – there is no need of buying a mattress in a rush at all. Rather invest some time online and browse through various options you have available.

If required talk to your doctor or a physical therapist (especially if you are suffering from any health condition). They can recommend you the best type of mattress as per your condition and body needs.

2- Keep away prejudices and don’t judge by price: It is a common belief that if a mattress costs more than others, it is the best one to buy. Believe me, this is completely a wrong assumption! Be away from all such prejudices! Never judge the quality of a mattress based on its cost.

As every one of us have different bodily needs, the bestselling or a top priced mattress can be a good option for other while it may not be a good option for you.

3- Know your body needs well: The needs of each of your family members may differ. Few may like firm and few others may like soft one. Based on that, the mattress you need also differs. This simply means you have to get separate mattresses that suit each of your family member’s need. If this is not feasible financially then try to understand the right mattress that suits most of your family members well.

Also take a note of your sleeping positions, body height, weight, etc. while choosing the right one. As a mattress which is good for side sleepers may not be suitable for stomach sleepers or back sleepers, it is always good for you to check about the mattress which supports your unique sleeping style.

4- Check quality material and thickness: Different mattresses with different material may work differently on your body type. It’s the inner coils or inner springs that matters most and not the outer fabric. Be sure that you check about the right material you need for your body.

Also check about the padding, thickness and depth of the mattress which plays an important role in providing you the best comfort while sleeping.

5- Don’t believe bluffs: Today TV, newspapers and internet are loaded with lots of advertisements, each of them trying to sell you varieties of mattresses. This makes choosing the best mattress for your body type, a very confusing task. Many companies often claims that the mattress they manufacture are the best ones and have good orthopedic qualities.

Do not believe them as such! Instead you can collect feedback or reviews from your closed ones including your friends, relatives and consumers who had already tried the particular brand. Go for the mattress that has already proved its efficiency well.

6- Request for a 15 minutes trial: If possible take a “test drive” for sure. Check with the sales person, whether they allows you to lie on the mattress for a minimum of 15 minutes. The good way for testing is to lie down on the mattress in a position you usually sleep on your bed.

The best you can replicate your exact sleeping posture, the higher will be your chances of getting the best mattress for your body. Make sure that you do not get up before 15-20 minutes of trial.

7- Purchase from reliable stores: Remember that purchasing a mattress can be an expensive investment for you. It should be therefore done with care. Consider buying the best product from a reliable most store which you trust the most.

For instance if you are planning to get one online, you can check them at Amazon which is one of the most trustworthy stores present online. Here you can get the top brand with proper warranty, delivery options, customer care, after sales services, etc. A good branded mattress will offer you minimum of 10 year full replacement warranty. Be sure to check it out before you buy.

Do Not Forget These: To Safeguard Your Investment

Now when you have planned for buying a mattress online, do not forget to add mattress pad, toppers and water proof mattress protectors.

As any type of stains or damage on your mattress can void the warranty its essential to protect your investment in a best possible way. This will also help in enhancing the longevity of your mattresses.

Be Aware! It’s your body, your mattress, and your investment; so it’s worth investing some time to choose the best possible mattress in the market while considering your requirements…

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