5 Best Exercises For Relieving Your Neck Arthritis Pain

As we grow older our joints show the signs of wear and tear which causes pain. Arthritis is an old age health issue which can affect various body parts such as knees, hands, feet and even neck & shoulders.

Neck arthritis (also known as cervical osteoarthritis or cervical spondylosis) is one of the most popular musculoskeletal problems which is effecting growing number of people all around the world. Studies showed that more than 85 percent of Americans after the age of 60 show the signs of neck arthritis.

Neck Exercises for Arthritis
Neck Exercises for Arthritis

Although there are many remedial measures available for relieving the pain and stiffness caused due to arthritis in the neck, not many of these are highly effective in treating the problem permanently.

Studies reveal that neck exercises for arthritis is the only sure shot way to relieve the problem in a much better way. However these exercises should be done on regular basis (as recommended by the doctor) to achieve the goal.

By visiting your doctor or physiotherapist you can learn about the best exercises that can be done at home for relieving the neck arthritis pain. Make a note that you perform these exercises gently and smoothly, as sudden movements or jerks can make the conditions worse. Some of the best exercises for arthritis in neck are as follows:

1. Simple Neck Stretching:

Neck stretching can be done by dropping and raising your neck slowly and steadily. Stand still or sit on chair for performing this exercise. Now slowly try to drop your head in the forward direction to touch the chin and chest. Remain in this position for 5-10 seconds and take your head back to the normal position. Now bend your head backwards to see the roof. Remain in the position for 5-10 seconds and then get back to normal position. You can repeat these simple stretches five times to make your muscles flexible and tension free.

2. Neck Rotation:

While performing this exercise keep the whole body relax with the spine erect. You can sit on a chair or stand erect with good posture. Now turn your head to the right while keeping your chin straight. Remain in the position for 5-10 seconds and return to normal. Then rotate the neck to the left side keeping your chin still. After remaining in this position for about 5-10 seconds return to normal position. You can repeat this exercise five times in each side.

3. Static Neck Exercises:

One of the best exercises for arthritis in the neck is the static neck exercise. These static neck exercises not only help the person to relieve the pain that arise due to neck arthritis but also it helps in strengthening their neck muscles. The static exercise can be done in all the directions of the neck including side bending and tilting. The person need to bend the neck forward (or side ways) and at the same time should exert heavy pressure with the help of hand against the forward bending of the neck. By doing exercise in such a way the head is kept static at the same place without any further movement except the jerky vibrations. Other movements can also be exhibited while performing these isometric neck exercises so that other muscles present around the neck region get the benefits.

4. Shoulder Rolls:

Shoulders are the most important body parts to care for when you are focusing on your neck region. As shoulders support your neck muscles, exercising your shoulders means stronger shoulder muscles and hence stronger neck. Shoulder rolls are one of the most basic and easiest exercises that can be performed for relieving the neck arthritis pain. For performing this exercise you need to sit on a chair or stand straight with your feet apart at some distance. Now roll your shoulders smoothly in the up, back and down in only one direction. Repeat the exercise for five times and wait for few seconds. Now roll your shoulders in the reverse direction i.e. in up, forward and down direction. Try this also for five times.

5. Shoulder Shrugs:

Shoulder shrugs are one of the best exercises for strengthening the muscles that are present around your neck. In addition to relieving the neck arthritis pain these exercises helps in reducing the dizziness along with treating the vertigo symptoms. For performing this exercise you need to stand straight with slightly bent knees and arms present at your sides. Now lift your shoulders to the height of your neck to hold them at the highest point possible for five seconds. Now slowly bring down your shoulders to normal. You can repeat this exercise for about 20 times.

Just performing the above mentioned important exercises daily can easily eliminate the neck arthritis pain and stiffness slowly in just six to eight weeks. As a starter you may feel discomfort while performing these exercises, thus you can try one or two repetitions of each of these exercises. As you improve and get used to the exercise movements you can increase the number of reps.

Care that you do not feel the increase in neck pain while performing these exercises for arthritis in neck. If in case it hurts you should stop the exercises. So why not try them out to make your life easy and pain free.

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