How Using Aroma Oils, Creams, Ointments and Balm Gel Can Help You Relieve Neck Pain Naturally

At times of our busy schedule we often experience pain in muscles, joints or bones which sometimes becomes harder to bear, after some time. But most of us neglect it at the initial stages. This may be due to excess work load, to-do-lists and busy daily schedules we have.

Topical products for pain

Avoiding the chronic painful conditions is today important and should be your first preference. You should take care of these painful conditions at an initial most stages as soon as you experience it for first time.

Caring for the pain in your joints (such as knee, back, neck or any other part of your body) and getting the proper treatment at an initial stage prevents it from going chronic which will help you to avoid serious consequences.

In most of the cases, people avoid visiting a doctor, is because of the fear they have regarding the side effects of medicines or drugs they are prescribed with. Not to worry anymore!

Fortunately, there are natural topical products available which can help in getting relief from the pain instantly – in a most natural way. This not only help us to get the relief from pain but also soothes our skin and atmosphere to feel good and distressed. Below we mention few of these topical pain relieving products you may find useful.

Herbal Aromatic Essential Oils

The Mother Nature has provided us with amazing natural remedies to ease off the neck and back pain. From Chinese remedy Kudzu to fragrant Lavender you are sure to find relief by using these herbal herbs that are easily found in the form of aroma oils. People from time to time have used these herbal remedies to treat their neck and back pain effectively.

Recently these herbal supplements have undergone a recent renewal such as these can be massaged right away, can be infused in the bathing water, can be used as a skin cream in the oil or gel form.

When these herbal creams/oils are rubbed into the skin they tend to increase the blood circulation which in turn soothes and relaxes the affected area. Massaging these gently over the affected area can help you get the best relief without any side effects.

Why Creams, Balm Gel and Ointments for Pain Relief?

There are many people who deal with chronic neck pain on the daily basis. The pain significantly affects their day to day routine work, affecting the mood and becoming plainly unpleasant.

Using balm, ointments is probably the best topical approach to relieve the muscle pain. In fact there is a long history of applying creams, ointments and balm gels to get a relief from neck pain. And no doubt, the trend of using these is still going on.

The two main pain relieving ingredients in these topical products are:

  • Menthol or Eucalyptus – for cooling sensation
  • Capsaicin – for warmth to skin

Methyl salicylate from oil of wintergreen may also be present for additional warmth and heat in some products. These ingredients are called as counter-irritants which helps the brain and nerves to have a less intense pain sensation.

Ointments and balms are the tropical products that are widely available online as well as offline. These aim at providing faster relief to problems such as neck, shoulders and back pain. Gently massaging with your fingertips in the circular motion on the affected area will go long way in reducing the neck pain.

Both balm and ointment are the sure cure for the muscular pain relief as it is not only economical but also readily available to bring instant relief to the affected muscles.

When To Use And When Not To Use?

Over the counter topical products for pain relief can be well used in case of minor aches or muscle spasms. The best thing being, you need not get your doctor’s approval or prescription for using them (in most of the minor cases).

You can consider applying these topical cream or balm gel in addition to the RICE Therapy which can prove to be very helpful in reducing the swelling or painful conditions.

Care that you do not use these products on an open wounds or scratches on your skin. Also avoid using it on skin areas with conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, rashes, etc. These should also not to be applied near your eyes, mucous membranes or private body parts.

Also care that you do not use any heating pad or cooling wraps after applying these topical products. These can cause irritation or allergies to your skin.

As these can be allergic if used for long period, only consider them for getting short term instant relief. In case you do not get the relief after 1-2 days or if you find the conditions even worse, stop using it and visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Topical Pain Relievers

One of the best advantage of using the topical products for pain relief (such as creams, gel, spray, ointment, etc.) is its easy application on the affected area. Additionally you often get fast and long lasting relief from these products as compared to other oral medications.

Another great advantage of using these formulations is it diffuses through skin and enters into the bloodstream for providing the relief. And for this reason many side effects may be reduced or completely eliminated.

Along with many advantages, there comes few disadvantages of using the topical formulations for neck pain treatment. And you should essentially know about these risk factors before buying and using.

Using these topical medications as per the guidelines is important or else it can prove harmful. As blood flow differently at different parts of the body, knowing about the right quantity and procedure is essential before application.

Additionally skin reactions may be possible for patients if their skin is too sensitive or allergic. Best practice is to apply very small quantity of the cream at your affected body part to see if it’s allergic or not. If its not, continue using it for getting pain relief.

Furthermore it has been seen that spinal disorders or pain conditions that originates deep into the body do not respond fast to these topical therapies. In this case application of these products may go waste.

5 Important Things To Check Before Buying Topical Products for Pain Relief

Creams and ointments are today widely used in Western as well as Asian countries due to best benefits it offers. However there are certain points to be kept in mind before buying the best one for your personal use.

1- Is It Good for Your Purpose: Most of the topical creams and ointments meant for relieving pain comes with variety of purposes. It is therefore important that you check your purpose carefully and buy the best medication that is right for your requirement. For instance if you want to buy a topical cream for treating neck pain check whether the particular cream is good for treating your neck pain or not.

2- Do You Need Doctor’s Prescription or Advice: At times you may need a doctor’s prescription for getting the drugs from the market. But that may not be the case with the topical drugs. So it is important to follow all the guidelines before you use them. If required take the advice from your doctor before buying and using the same, specially if you are suffering from any sort of severe or chronic medical condition.

3- Check For The Ingredients and Quality: Before buying any topical medicine for pain relief make sure that the ingredients and quality is best. If possible go for only natural ointments and creams that are not harmful and does not show any side effects. Of course, high quality natural products may come at a bit higher price but the results you get will be worth your investment.

4- Is It Suitable for Your Skin and Age: If you are suffering from any skin condition it is important for you to check with your doctor before using these topical ointments. It is also important for you to check the age group for which it is most suitable. Many of these topical products and medicines are not recommended for infants, children, pregnant women or seniors, so it is best to confirm about its usage for them before buying one.

5- Check The Pros and Cons: If used carefully following all the guidelines, these medicines are not at all risky. But if you do not use them in the right way there are chances that these can prove harmful for you. So make sure that you read the manual instructions carefully before using them for the first time.

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