Ice or Heat: Which is A Better Option for Neck and Back Pain Treatment?

Ice or Heat for Neck Pain

This is a question that exists in everyone’s mind and it exists from ages. Still discussions are happening on which treatment gives better results for neck and back pain. Is it Ice treatment or Heat treatment that is effective on neck and back pains? The answer is “both” but good explanations are needed on the […]

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What is Feldenkrais Method: How It Helps in Treating Back and Neck Pain?

Feldenkrais Method

Feldenkrais Method is often referred simply as the “Feldenkrais”. It is a kind of somatic educational system and was designed by Moshe Feldenkrais. The Feldenkrais therapy aims in reducing the pain or any limitations in the movement, in improving the physical function and in promoting the general wellbeing by the increase of student’s awareness about […]

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