Does Inversion Table For Neck Pain Helps?

Inversion table

There are several ways which are being used by humans to stay fit and fine these days. From various kinds of pills, therapies and different equipment, many things are being used which can yield favorable results. Inversion therapy is one such therapy which is being used widely to treat many lifestyle diseases like neck pain […]

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How To Do Neck Traction At Home?

Neck Traction Towel

Cervical neck traction relieves pressure on the pinched nerve and is beneficial for the neck problems. Neck traction reduces the weakness, pain and the numbness or discomfort associated with the pinched nerve. At home, you can perform the cervical neck traction easily, safely and painlessly. The process helps in the relieving swollen and irritated nerves, […]

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How To Cure Repetitive Strain Injury In Neck and Shoulder?

Repetitive Strain Injury In Neck and Shoulder

Repetitive Strain Injury or to say RSI is a sort of injury to the musculoskeletal and nervous system which is caused by vibrations, repetitive tasks, mechanical compressions, forcible extortions and many more. Carrying heavy loads, going through injuries, sitting in a wrong procedure or sleeping in a bad position is considered as some of the […]

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Ice or Heat: Which is A Better Option for Neck and Back Pain Treatment?

Ice or Heat for Neck Pain

This is a question that exists in everyone’s mind and it exists from ages. Still discussions are happening on which treatment gives better results for neck and back pain. Is it Ice treatment or Heat treatment that is effective on neck and back pains? The answer is “both” but good explanations are needed on the […]

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